As security researchers and well-known bug bounty hunters, we have established a pentesting company focused on securing AI-powered applications. Our extensive security reviews and penetration tests provide robust coverage for services utilizing AI technology in this rapidly evolving landscape.

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About Us

From traditional web app vulnerabilities to prompt injection, we'll find vulnerabilities in your applications long before bad actors can take advantage of them.

AI Focus

We've hacked OpenAI via their bug bounty program and exposed all the ChatGPT plugins. We've researched and blogged about Prompt Injection & Firewall Testing, as well as Jailbreak Testing. We offer Secure Design and Code Review for AI apps as well.

Top Hackers

Joseph (rez0), Justin (rhynorater), and the rest of the team have a proven track record of finding critical vulnerabilities for the biggest companies in the world. Their expertise and talent pool to draw on are unrivaled. If you're looking to secure your AI-powered apps, look no further.